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Only 3 Words for this App: Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
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With BlogAssistant, things have changed for the better. It generates content based on my writing in much better English than I could achieve on my own.
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BlogAssistant.co AI-Writer is a game-changing tool for content creation.
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Powerful tool! BlogAssistant is an invaluable tool for bloggers looking to streamline and optimize their content creation workflow.
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iERP.ai, maker of the Blog Assistant powered by Nostradamus.cloud engine, proprietary algorithms, GPT-4, and PaLM2, is driven to give content creators around the world one of the most sophisticated AIpowered article writing experiences non-detectable by AI content detectors. With options to pick article length, get SEOfriendly keywords, or include images, all at a reasonably priced costperblog basis, our product guarantees plagiarismfree content that cannot be detected by any AI detectors available on the market. Don’t wait any longer and join the community of 6,500 bloggers who have already used our tool – the first blog is on house!

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Absolutely! Blog Assistant’s very first blog is on the house! Free blog is without limit on generated number of words. No card needed, no hidden fees, and no strings attached. Transparent pay-as-you-go per blog pricing for further blogs. START FREE NOW >>

Yes, Blog Assistant writes SEOfriendly blogs. Engine uses natural language processing and other algorithms to create optimized titles, keywords, and content that is more likely to be indexed by search engines like Google and others. START FREE NOW >>

Yes, you can generate outlines based on topic-relevant auto generated keywords or keywords defined by you. You can regenerate outlines as many times as needed. Generation or regeneration of outlines is not consuming any blog credits. START FREE NOW >>

AI articles generated by Blog Assistants are written by advanced algorithms, making them indistinguishable from articles written by humans. As a result, these AI-generated articles will not be detected as plagiarized material when submitted to AI plagiarism checkers. Furthermore, the AI-generated article can adapt to specific keywords and topics given by the user, allowing it to create original content with no risk of being flagged for plagiarism. START FREE NOW >>

AI article generated by Blog Assistant will not be detected by AI content detectors currently available on the market as articles are generated using natural language processing algorithms that enable the software to produce human-readable content. We use multi-layer algorithm structure to generate output that is human-like produced. This means that the structure and style of each article will vary, making them more difficult for detectors to identify as automated content. Action speaks louder than words; review our big comparison of AI-writers and AI-content detectors “AI-Writers vs. AI Content Detectors: A Big Battle of 2023!”  or generate free blog with Blog Assistant HERE and try any of the following frequently used AI content detectors upon generating article with Blog Assistant:




or any other.

Yes, you own all the content generated under your account with Blog Assistant.

Adding images to content with wellcrafted alt text can improve SEO, but the primary reason for using images should be to enhance the user experience by providing additional context and clarity. When selecting an image, it should be chosen with the intention of telling a story and making content easier to understand. Images may also be used as visual elements that divide longer blocks of text; however, they should still add value and be relevant to the topic at hand. Alt text is crucial from an accessibility standpoint since it provides users who are visually impaired or using browsers/user agents that don‘t display images with information about what the image depicts, including search engine robots. That’s why Blog Assistant generate relevant pictures for your blog START FREE NOW >>

Absolutely! However, as pictures on Blog Assistant are from pixabay, pictures can be used only under the Pixabay License agreement https://pixabay.com/service/terms. Under the Pixabay License you are granted an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty free right to use, download, copy, modify or adapt the Content for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Yes, we offer volume based discounts and also discounts for educational institutions and non-profit. Please contact us via CONTACT FORM to request your discount!

AI writing involves using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate written content, such as blog posts. It is a form of automated writing that uses algorithms to generate text similar to how a human would write it.

First of all, welcome to the blogging community! And now, let’s dig in to our knowledge-base to see where to start BLOG – Where To Start. And of course you can easily and instantly start with blog posts generation with Blog Assistant; just write your topic and Blog Assistant will do the rest 😊 START FREE NOW >>

You can review AI writing tools comparison published HERE

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